Art, beauty and elegance are the words that define her born in personality. Twenty years of ingenuity can be summed up in her abilities to transfer her own passion into her work and communicate her inner message through different venues of art.

The unification between theories and practice is the trademark of her work in the domains of architect, construction, and interior design.

Her unique design is a mix of charming sense of elegance and exquisite perception of space.

Her work has been featured in, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Orlando, Dubai, Riyadh, and Beirut.

Award-winning designer. Adept at all aspects of the process from developing plans to the all important final touches. skilled at steering clients through entire design process to consistently exceed expectation.

Known for designs that are highly functional yet inspirational and aesthetically pleasing.

Founded and grew thriving business through word of mouth and by carving out niche in renovating older homes. Managed wide range of projects from simply redecorating home interiors to overhauling entire kitchens, bathrooms, and floor plans. Handled entire design process from initial consultation and needs assessment through plan development and execution.

Rania is always hands on during construction process, selecting finishes, architectural elements, and accessories.