Achieving the perfect balance of beauty and brawn – that's how we're always thinking cabinetry. Diamond provides stunning, ergonomic cabinets that bring innovation and order to your home.

Raywal offers quality European-sytle cabinets that compliment today's lifestyle, while providing a wide range of styles, colors and kitchen solutions. 


The quality and value of Greenfield Cabinets is beyond compare - from the choice of the finest woods and finishes, stains and paints, colors and styles - to the myriad of creative configurations to meet every need - to a superb selection of stunning accessories.


Eclectic style is the great equalizer. It reshuffles the rule book, mixing and matching old and new, East and West, luxury and humble, showy and quiet. It invites you to fill a space with objects you love and unique finds that strike your fancy. Simply put, it’s you, curated


Unica Concept employs the finest kitchen designers, who utilize their creativity and inspiration to take a product from start to finish with you in mind. It takes a keen eye with attention to detail to make the difference between a good and an amazing kitchen.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Omega Custom offers furniture finish quality, all wood box construction, interior organization solutions, exclusive mouldings, embellishments and hardware, which are all backed by a limited lifetime warranty..


 For centuries people have found items from the past captivating or at least worth remembering fondly.Vintage Style is an eclectic and casual way of decorating your living space. The style can be adapted to any style of house, from a New York loft to an old country farmhouse. Mix old and new elements to create a vintage style all of your own


The design is styled with abundant open space and natural light in mind, which makes it feel airy and expansive. Because there isn’t any clutter, every piece has to count. Empty space takes on an almost sculptural quality, carved out by the strong architecture. Because of their openness, interiors are especially well suited to large-scale furnishings, art and accents

Executive Kitchens Fine European Cabinetry builds to order, with thousands of color treatments and style options available. All plywood construction and slow-close drawer systems are standard on our cabinetry. Executive Kitchens is GREEN, with their waterborne stains, paints, glazes & top coats.



The history of fitted kitchens is indelibly linked to the name Poggenpohl.  Worldwide, the name is synonymous with the claim of exclusive, individual kitchens and first-class quality in every detail.

How to Remodel a Kitchen in the Right Order

A major kitchen remodel must be done in the right order for maximum efficiency. 

  • Demolition process 

  •  Rough-in work can begin, which includes any framing, plumbing, or electrical changes.

  • Inspection of the framing, plumbing, electrical.
  • Finishing the walls.
  • Doors and windows installation. 
  • Cabinets installation.
  • Counter tops. sink and faucet installation. 
  • New appliances Installation.
  • Light fixtures, if they’re part of the plan.


From antique furnishings to floral-print fabrics, traditional style sometimes gets a bad rap as fusty and outdated. But that’s missing the point. While it’s true that this look takes its inspiration from the past, it’s really about comfort. Every element feels familiar, properly placed and predictable

Great style that’s a solid value. Since 1954, Aristokraft’s flexible designs and quality-crafted embellishments help you get the look you want – without breaking the bank.

Holiday Kitchens is a leading manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets. We are passionate about quality cabinets, beautiful kitchens and the environment.

Designed to be accessible, priced to be attainable, and constructed to be sustainable, Homecrest cabinets transform your space into a happier, more organized home.

Offering thousands of choices, full-access construction and a rich tradition in cabinetry, Kitchen Craft’s fashion-forward designs can be tailored to match any lifestyle or taste.