Decorative painting can remarkably transform a room or wall and add tasteful elegance to any Home environment. Our staff of visual artists is professionally trained in a diversity of styles and techniques ranging from faux finishing , murals, stenciling, and basic painting to wall textures like sticco, Venitian plaster, and old world effects. Please contact us for a consultation on your decorative painting needs,


Handcrafted European Wall finishes
Rania Tabbah for 20 years applying her unique painting techniques to redefine wall surfaces and spaces for a VIP clientele.
what Rania does Faux Painting, Decorative Painting (Interior or Exterior), Faux Finishing, Murals, Custom Fine Art, Venetian Plaster and Stenciling, Marbling, Wood Graining, and specialty Old World Finishes with Plaster, Fresco and Faux Stone.  Rania  also offers classes and workshops.Color Consultation Decorative Detailing and Room Staging Custom Artistic Carpentry and Design One of Kind' Designs in Many Mediums.
RT interior Architecture , is a professional painting company that offers a variety of custom decorative painting services to meet your needs.

Decorative artistry can transform the look of your room, can highlight your existing design, and can set the mood beyond any basic color scheme. It's also a great way to attract attention to your business.

 We Take pride in providing you with a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting product.. Works with you on a personal level, from initial consultation to finished artwork. Can paint on walls, ceilings, doors, columns, furniture, and many more surfaces.  Will give you an itemized price list for each step of the project and for each service.  Uses only top quality materials.
Has full business liability insurance.  Focuses on bringing your vision/ideas to life to enhance/beautify your home/office.  Paints with "design in mind" to fit with your existing furniture and decor.  Provides punctual, courteous service that you can rely on.

 A commitment to sustainable design is evident in her work as she combines
her signature painted finishes with environmentally safe materials by using paints that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

 Rania philosophy is that artistry should be ever-present in our lives and it is important to inhabit and work in a creatively designed space.  Furthermore, she believes the highest function of any space is to provide an environment where you are inspired to do your best.

Ranja has created custom painted finishes for a broad range of clients across the country. The new trend in home design is all about color, depth, and texture. Faux finishes deliver these qualities and more. They also add depth, drama, and a lifetime of beauty to your home.

Outdoors or indoors, your walls, ceilings and floors should be an accessible way of expressing your individuality and adding character to an increasingly uniform environment. Draw a crowd, to your unique and unforgettable environment. Transform a room or create illusions of space.

Listed below are a few of the finishes most requested by clients.
Custom-made finishes in any color can be created
for your consideration.

  •  Venetian Plaster       
  • Aged Stone Plaster       
  • Faux Marble

  • Wall Glazes       
  • Distressed Parchment       
  • Provincial Multi-Color

  • Faux Painting          
  • Pearlescent        
  • Stone Finishes

  • Wood Graining         
  • Gold & Silver Leaf Gilding

  • Metallic Finishes        
  • Copper Verdigris        
  • Aged Patinas

 Thank you for your interest.